20 lb Everyday Meals Bundle

20 lb Everyday Meals Bundle

Delivery in July - August. 20 pounds of meat to create a variety of fast and easy meals for people on the go. Open for full description of products included in this great box that has an average savings of $0.47/pound.
$0.47/lb. savings
$7.87/lb. $7.40/lb. Avg. 20 lb.
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Purchase this great 20# Everyday Meals Bundle at an estimated price of $144.95.  This is a savings of approximately $0.47 cents off per pound.  Regular value on this 20# Everyday Meals Box is estimated at $154.20.

Included is the following:

12 lbs of 1 lb packages of Ground beef with a ratio of beef to fat of 85/15 or less

2 packages of Cube (Minute) Steaks - approximately 1.5 each

2 packages of Top Sirloin Steaks - approximately 1.3 each  

2 packages of Stew Meat