T-bone Short Filet Side

T-bone Short Filet Side

T-bone steak with too small of a filet side to make it a true T-bone. You get a great tasting T-Bone at a reduced price.
$16.00/lb. Avg. 14.4 oz.
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1 steak per package

Still the same great taste of a T-bone with the strip and bone, but because the filet side is considerably smaller we have pulled them from our true T-bone selection to ensure integrity of our products. 

Grass-finished steaks are lower in calories and fat than conventionally raised beef.  In addition to delivering essential omega-3 fatty acids, several vitamins, higher levels of CLA (conjugated lineolic acid) and minerals, grass-finished livestock get more exercise and have denser meat than their feed-lot counterparts. 

Check out this website for great tips on cooking a tender, mouthwatering grass finished beef steak! https://primallyinspired.com